We have a special section of the magazine devoted to your news! Accomplishments, beer fines, jokes, whatever – it doesn’t even have to be skydiving or BASE related. We just like knowing and sharing what you guys are up to.

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Please note that your news will be published in Blue Skies Magazine. We might edit for spelling or grammar, but for the most part, what you write here will be seen by the world!

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Have some juicy news that would destroy your life if people knew you were spreading? Or, an idea for a story that you just want to be private about? Do it here. No one will ever know.


If you have a reaction to one of the stories we printed, or anything you’d like the world to know, submit it here. Everyone will know.

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If you’re organizing an event, let us know and we’ll put it on the calendar.

We've discontinued an events calendar but check here for some great replacements: Calendars.