i98: February 2018

Jumpers fly some angles during Skydive Cuautla’s New Year’s Beach Boogie in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Photo by Guru Khalsa.

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Cover Photo | Guru Khalsa

Featured Photo | Scott Callantine

Tiponi Potts flies her new wingsuit over Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida.

The FlyBy

  • Take It DZ | Nadene Beyerbach, Adventure Creative
  • Vampire Boogie Photos and text by Denis Zhuravkov
  • Industry Beat: Santa Claus brought goodies to the little skydivers of the world. First, a changeable-mode, 1-pin CYPRES 2, available now for 1,050 euros (approximately $1,285 at press time).

    After Germany, Santa made a stop in New Zealand, dropping some canopies, ones and zeros down NZ Aerosport’s chimney. The SLeia is a full-sale version of the Leia with a new trim. Only 50 will be sold; she comes with an RDS and spare lineset for $3,850. Her mom Leia also got an update; she now comes standard in hybrid construction with sail internals, mini-ribs and any color Powerband you want, rather than just black, all for $3,300. In the digital department, a new 3D color picker and ordering system are up at www.nzaerosports.com.

It’s Time to Take Care of What We Love | By Mara Schmid

People just need to give back—put a little bit of thought, a little bit of attention, a little bit of caring into what is apparently so important and special to us.

It’s Time to Take Care of What We Love

Photo Interview: Niklas Hemlin | By Zach Lewis

Some of my competitiveness comes from always having to measure myself and what scares me is not being enough or not being good enough. It bleeds into all aspects of my life from being a father, a competitor, a boyfriend. I’m finding myself many times being driven to crazy levels and many times it is rooted in wanting to excel based on the fear of not being enough or not being the best.

How It’s Supposed to Be | By Moe Viletto

Tomorrow is promised to no one. Tomorrow is overrated. Life is just death in slow motion. If I’m not happy, it’s my own fault. If I die with money in the bank then shame on me.


Centerfold | By Guru Khalsa

Sunset ribbon jump during Skydive Cuautla’s New Year’s Beach Boogie in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

Todd Shoebotham Talks Pilot Chutes | By Annette O’Neil

In BASE jumping, really small changes in performance do matter. Make sure you’re prepared.

Be Kind to Manifest | James La Barrie +Dropzone Marketing+}

As you begin your skydiving season, remember: THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. Relax and be patient with those trying to do their best for you and many other people.

4-way Family, Part 2 +Turning Points+ | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

Family relationships include loads of potential for conflict, whether for or with the parents or between the siblings, or both. The resources are critical, as skydiving and especially team training and competition is everything but easily affordable. Both factors—group dynamics and resources—are crucial for success in formation-skydiving team competition.

PD New Beginning

Just Let It Go | The Fuckin’ Pilot

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: skydiving is a mental game over and above everything else, and if you can just learn to let it go, well, the sky is no longer the limit!

Baby It’s Cold Outside | Melanie Curtis

The thing with life experiences is that even if we think we’ve had it before, every single experience is actually always entirely brand-new. This moment has never occurred before and never will again. Every single moment embodies infinite possibilities.


Goals and training your ass off: Good. Overextending and delusions of being good at all things: Bad.

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