i95: November 2017

Nancy Koreen, Robert Brinkley in his amazing space suit, and the talented Daniela Espinel during the Lost Prairie Boogie hosted by Meadow Peak Skydiving in Marion, Montana. Photo by Javier ‘Buzz’ Ortiz • jophotovideo.com

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Cover Photo | Javier ‘Buzz’ Ortiz • jophotovideo.com

Featured Photo | Curt Vogelsang • curtvogelsang.com

Two 12-way CRW stacks over Florida Skydiving Center, Lake Wales, Florida.

The FlyBy

Photo Interview: Michelle Karamon | By Zach Lewis

If you are looking for a team, first look for people that you like and get along with. It is very important to have a friendship with the team. Other than that, look for great coaching and spend some time in the tunnel.

Malfunctions | By Chris “Douggs” McDougall

I am writing this article because yet another ego-driven skydiver came to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, where I live, with no idea what he was doing.

Skydiving Photoshoot | By Kira Andersen

Centerfold | By Guru Khalsa

Tiki | By Zej

Tiki 2017 was an epic shit show filled with titties, shenanigans and debauchery.

Don’t Call Me Chicken | By “Suicide Charlie” Urban

Hey, I had a hot air balloon and a dog suit and I wasn’t going to waste them. A big dog suit is also an invaluable hitchhiking aid, especially when a parachute is draped over your shoulder.

Skydivers Can Read Minds | The Fuckin’ Pilot

You know this guy is gonna shit his pants at the door, but how? Well, you noticed that all the way up ‘til it was time to sit on his instructor’s lap, his left hand been gripping the bench, white knuckled through the whole ride.

Rose-Colored Reality | Melanie Curtis

The emotional “work” we all have to do looks different for all of us, and it’s just like building anything that’s truly strong and stable. It comes together brick by brick … tiny little actions that, when stacked over time, stuck together with grit and commitment, end up a mansion that can withstand any tornado.

Dear SkyGod

I recently had a tunnel session and after getting the shit beat out of me for an hour, I realized I was enjoying the abuse as much as the flying! Is there something wrong with me?

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