i92: August 2017

The neon sit-suit makes a comeback as Lawrence de Laubadere exits a helicopter above Chicagoland Skydiving Center. Photo by Becky Johns.

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Cover Photo | Becky Johns

Featured Photo | Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum • gethypoxic.com

Airing out the goods during Shred the Gnar at Skydive Utah.

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • Take It DZ | Nadene Beyerbach, Adventure Creative
  • Nick Batsch Wins Gold at World Games
  • Camera to the Dirt Dive! | Denis Zhuravkov

Photo Interview: Taya Weiss | Zach Lewis

In BASE jumping I’m most proud of still being alive.
… In life, I am most proud of meeting the man of my dreams and being open enough and brave enough to make the relationship work. I am IN LOVE! It’s absurd. I am so happy!

Phoenix Fly BASE Workshop Day | Sam Hardy

Last year was beyond “normal” for accidents and fatalities in BASE jumping with 40 deaths, including more than 25 in wingsuits. We wanted to pass on the knowledge that’s kept us alive: exiting correctly, flying speeds, pull techniques and canopy control.

Centerfold | Eskil J. Nielsen-Ferreira • modelstock.net

After a sunset jump at Dropzone Denmark during their annual Berzerker Boogie.

Dink Dink | Denis Zhuravkov

Quarter score and a year ago, a group of drunk skydivers wanted to do more CRW. They also wanted another beer, and with the slurred mumblings of their order, the Dink Dink was born.

Miles Daisher Sets BASE Jumping World Record | Curt Vogelsang

Daisher completed the event with a total of 64 jumps, and chose to land in the water on his final jump instead of hiking, to allow him to celebrate with a victory swim and boat ride back to the river’s edge.

Photo Break

A Happy Side Hustle | James La Barrie {Dropzone Marketing}

Dare I say, I’m trying to be the best Lyft driver in the world?

+Turning Points+ 4-way Family | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

There IS something special, a driving force, that seems to bring family members to the top level in a positively disproportional amount, compared to “regular” team rosters.

Be-A-You-tiful Song | The Fuckin’ Pilot

The only truly miserable people I know are the ones trying to achieve that carved-in-stone standard for “happy” instead of just doing what’s right for them and living their lives, instead of the one someone else dreamed up for them.


Watch Where the F*ck You’re Going | Melanie Curtis

The next time you’re called to make more of a difference, either big picture, one-on-one, or inside yourself … think about your core values, and decide deliberately to stand strongly for them in whatever situation you face or fear. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s not. But it will always illicit response.


But if you’re too fucking lazy to make sure that this sport still exists in a few years then SkyGod is going to curse you with clouds, rain and herpes-riddled whuffos who make Gary Busey look like a beauty pageant winner.


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