i91: July 2017

Live BIGZ Sequentials at Skydive Spaceland in Houston, Texas. Photo by Guru Khalsa.

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Cover Photo | Guru Khalsa

Featured Photo | Luciano Bacque

Night pyrotechnic jump during the Space Invader Freefly Camp in Piracicaba, Brazil.

The FlyBy

Icarus Was an Ass | Lara Kjeldsen

Do I agree with the people who think I’m a terrible scourge on the sport and need to stop right now, or do I agree with the people who think I’m a reasonable adult making good decisions and having a bit of stupid and very expensive fun? I don’t know, man.

Head to the Hills Boogie: A Photo Essay by Leah Crubel Photography

Team B.A.K. Goes to Basicen | Team B.A.K.

We made the long journey back home to Denmark and can now look back at a total of 225 jumps, fantastic coaching from awesome people filled with energy and last, but not least, a lot of new friends for life who all have the same goal of making skydiving even more fun!

Photo Break | Guru Khalsa

Some images of the Pepe Island boogie, Live Bigz Sequentials, and just playing around at the local DZ.

Carolinafest Pictorial |By Daniel Schiermeyer

Centerfold | Royce Wilson.

Labor Day weekend at the Texas/Cali Shredfest at Skydive Spaceland in Houston, Texas.

How Skydiving (Nearly) Made Me Homeless, Again! | Jeff Holmstock

I stood up, took a breath and in true defiant “I’m an ass” fashion said, “I’m going to go skydiving!”

Selfless Acts of Love and Kindness | James La Barrie {Dropzone Marketing}

The collective enthusiasm of skydivers makes big things happen and that’s what went down at this year’s CarolinaFest.

+Turning Points+ Hal Spence | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

Hal Spence will be dearly missed by the Florida indoor and outdoor 4-way community and by Skydive DeLand—and by an unlimited number of other skydivers worldwide.

One beautiful human being dances with another beautiful human being. Hal Spence and Leslie Eggenberger enjoy a happy moment.

Time to Consider a 9-Iron | The Fuckin’ Pilot

“Well,” said the student, “my face was pushed down so I couldn’t see if the canopy was square and steerable. I figured I should wait until I could do my checks, but it was taking a long damn time and I didn’t think I should wait anymore. And I wasn’t worried about chopping that low, really. I mean, hey, I’ve been pronounced dead on arrival 3 times now for drug overdoses … “

Time to Consider a 9-Iron

Full Nut Job | Melanie Curtis

What do we do as more experienced jumpers to best help those newer jumpers that might be struggling with fear in flying or making new friends?


SkyGod will smite the next minion he catches going on about a hippie who says that, through her online personality test, she can tell you that your chakra is piss yellow and your power animal is a cat with lasers shooting out of its eyes. It’s bullshit.


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