i86: February 2017

Ekaterina Taldonova above Skydive Sebastian in Florida. Photo by Maksim Slobodian.

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Cover Photo | Maksim Slobodian

Featured Photo | Ryan Brownlow

Jessica Brownlow is in front of the camera for once!

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: How do you choose gear?
  • Take It DZ | Nadene Beyerbach, Adventure Creative
  • Early Skydiving As I Remember It | Cy Stapleton
  • Squirrel-Asylum Merger
  • Mission Volant | Mike Semanoff

African Sky Blue: Skydive Diani’s Third Anniversary Boogie | Annette O’Neil

As I tromp through the river-mouth dunes toward the glow of headlights and smiling faces, I can’t help thinking there’s no place like this one. I can’t help counting the days until I return. And next time, I’ll order extra toast for the monkey.

Gratitude, Giving … and Gravity | Mara Schmid

It’s a showcase of collaboration: athletes raising money for Search and Rescue; wingsuiters exiting from paragliders; BASE jumpers dropping from a “space net” suspended by highlines; even, rarest of rare, a government agency and BASE jumpers working together. It’s a beautiful thing.

The S.H.I.T. | Jen Sharp

This Trainer could easily and Interactively teach flare Height and process by giving a realistic Site-picture. I could call it the Site-picture Height Interactive Trainer … it would be the S.H.I.T.!

Centerfold | Denis Zhuravkov

You and the Grim Reaper: Tales of Exit-Point Horror | Moe Viletto

Jumping is only a part of the danger. The Grim Reaper is lurking behind us at all times, just waiting to take advantage of any minor slip up.

You and The Grim Reaper: Tales of Exit-Point Horror

Rock Bottom | Joe Nesbitt

Our community is addicted to a very dangerous activity. We’re lying to ourselves and others when we try to claim otherwise. When you get right down to it and be honest we share an astounding number of traits with junkies.

High Jinks, Part XIX | James L. Hayhurst

Foolish me. Little did I know, the Grinch that stole Christmas was a pansy compared to what I was up against. My battle with Arthur Greenfield had only just begun.

The Weakest Link | James La Barrie

Be uncompromising about the people you hire. Hiring exclusively for a person’s skills will likely cause pain later down the line.

+Turning Points+ Formation-Skydiving Superwomen | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

There could be a new formation-skydiving Superwoman on the road to the same achievements.

The Pursuit of … ? | The Fuckin’ Pilot

Luckily for me, I can’t get through one week (sometimes even one day) without seeing something so wonderful or cool that I feel the need to try and capture it with a photo. And the thing is, that’s while I’m at work! Seriously, how fucking lucky am I?

The Pursuit of … ?

How to Make 2017 Rad | Melanie Curtis

Amen. Who's with me? 😉

A post shared by Melanie Curtis (@melaniecurtis11) on


Why do you post up a video of your #epic #blessed #life #adventure video, and leave in all the shit from when you turn on your camera to when the actual jump happens? Literally nobody, not even cock-chewing whuffos, can be bothered to sit and watch five minutes of you slowly making your way down the aircraft to the door.


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