i85: January 2017

Ana Aponte smiles as she exits with Stacy Powers, Cathy O’Sullivan, Ekaterina Taldonova and Laura Golly during the Women’s Vertical World Record attempts held at Skydive Arizona. Photo by Norman Kent normankent.com

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Cover Photo | Norman Kent normankent.com

Featured Photo | Jessica Brownlow

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: Besides a plane and someone to fly it, what should every drop zone have?
  • Take It DZ | Nadene Beyerbach, Adventure Creative
  • Early Skydiving As I Remember It | Cy Stapleton
  • SOS Record | Rick Poplinger

Photo Interview: Melanie Curtis | Zach Lewis

I wish people would understand that, truly, generosity is humongous. Not the type of giving that is calculated with any inkling of a specific outcome in mind, but rather generosity without expectations or strings.

Women’s Vertical World Record | Melissa Lowe

In the winter of 2002, we had a crazy dream: to organize the first all-women’s head down world record.

When Is a Boogie More than a Boogie? | Jamie Leibert

It’s simple, don’t over think it: We want to go fast, party and blow shit up.

Meet the Core Family | Blythe Jordan

It is a constant struggle organizing six people’s schedules and their gear and work. But Core makes up for the messiness with skill, heart, the need to be the best. They train injured and tired, they compete jetlagged, sometimes surviving training camps and competitions out of sheer will.

Centerfold | Guru Khalsa

High Jinks, Part XVIII | James L. Hayhurst

“Jim, I can tell something’s wrong. What’s up?” I studied my beer, thinking of where to begin. Since he had seen the dossier, I started there.

No Shit There I Was: Whose Rig Is It Anyway? | Trevor Nagle

In hindsight, I knew something felt just a bit off as I pulled the shoulder straps up and over my sweatshirt and reached down to tighten my leg straps.

The Six Traits of Highly Successful DZOs | James La Barrie

After nearly four years of working with DZOs from every size DZ, I have noted six distinct characteristics associated with a DZ’s health, both financially and culturally.

The Six Traits of Highly Successful DZOs

+Turning Points+ Dreaming: Drop Zone-Tunnel Combo | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

I don’t even want to get started about the incentive options and opportunities that the operator of an indoor-outdoor combo has to create an incredible playground for skydivers and potential customers—who are literally every human being.

Asked and Answered | The Fuckin’ Pilot

Do I really believe I should be a jumper?

Asked and Answered

Pillows in the Freezer | Melanie Curtis

Life can be confusing sometimes. Crazy sh*t can go down that makes it doubly so. If you’re confused right now, from me to you, know that it’s normal.


Seriously, “No shit there I was … A guy picks up the wrong rig and only noticed on jump run?” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING SKYGOD? How the fuck does that even happen?


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