i84: December 2016

TJ Landgren geeks his heart out at photographer Guru Khalsa above Skydive Spaceland in Dallas, Texas.

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Cover Photo | Guru Khalsa

Featured Photo | Curt Vogelsang

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: What do you want from Santa?
  • Pacific Aerospace and Chinese Skydiving
  • Early Skydiving As I Remember It | Cy Stapleton
  • Mission Volant

2016 DZ Awards

If Skydive Danielson wins best small DZ again, we will send some strippers to your office to dance on your desk.

Any Which Way but Down | Andrew Egan

Just suck it up, man,” Dean Kelly, a competitor from Australia, tells me. “By the end of this, you’ll be glad it was this bad.” He was right.

My Last Skydive | Phil Zidek

I located the group and was adjusting my heading when the impact occurred.

Centerfold | Max Lesziak

TSK Boogie | Lisa Bresson and Kasey Ramoth

So how do you get two Ranch hands to write an unbiased story on the TSK/Fly Easy Boogie? Well, you can’t. Because we’re the proud parents of an ugly baby, completely charmed and enthralled, even if the rest of the world is not.

Definitive Beer Fine Rules

High Jinks, Part XVII | James L. Hayhurst

Little did I know, the shit was about to hit the fan—shit that would flow downhill from the office of the NAA and consume the better part of the next six months of my life.

Listen to the Churn | James La Barrie

2017 is one month away. Will this be the year that you allow yourself to be vulnerable and take the risk in order to pursue that “thing” that’s gnawing at you? I hope you will.

Listen to the Churn

+Turning Points+ All I Needed for Christmas … | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

Other than that, the actual competition at all events was as exciting as ever.

The Ones I Fucked Up | The Fuckin’ Pilot

I had a choice and in these, and in many more instances, I got it wrong. I could have handled each and every one of these drastically better than I did, either by not putting myself in the situation in the first place, or by not allowing someone else to dictate my behavior.

The Ones I Fucked Up

The Stark Contrast | Melanie Curtis

A place to start is simply to take a look at the relationships in your life that currently make you feel the most accepted, supported, enlivened and free to be yourself, whoever that may be. That’s your tribe.


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