i112: April 2019

Matt Park (left), Jamie Barajas (in Spiderman costume) and Ole Christiansen (at the back) exit a C-130 above the pyramids at Giza, Egypt, during the “Jump Like a Pharaoh Vol.2” boogie, hosted by Skydive Egypt. Photo by Ioannis Vlachiotis.

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Featured Photo | “The Fuckin’ Pilot” Dean Ricci takes a selfie above Skydive Dubai.

The FlyBy

  • Take it DZ Adventure Creative
  • From Beyond the Sanity Line* By Robby Sweet
  • TonFly’s FTX Full-Face Helmet
  • Skydivers’ Stories Second Edition
  • Project 19 | by Amy Chmelecki

Photo Interview: Jessie Thompson | by Zach Lewis

For the new jumpers out there, would you like to share any tips or advice?
Get to know your rigger and learn from them as much as you can. And pack for yourself as much as possible, or at least the last one of the day, so that you can fully inspect your main components because most malfunctions are avoidable and packers are awesome but you have more invested in your gear than a packer does so get your eyes and hands on your gear. I know it’s tough when you really want to make a load and you still pack kinda slow but you will get faster and that load clock—not to mention the jumper packing next to you—are always racing so it’s good motivation to improve your packing techniques! Eventually you will get better and faster at it and you will also have eyes on the wear and tear condition of your gear. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Kamchatka | by Kristan Fischer

We developed the most ridiculous goals we could think of (aim for the stars, grasp at whatever you can mentally) and somehow managed to achieve them all. This is the story of how two mates came together to mountaineer our way up and into multiple active volcanoes and even survived flying from the summits with quickly deteriorating and melting paragliders.

Centerfold | by Michael “Chico” Tomaselli
Sunset CReW jump during the Spring Fling Boogie held at Skydive Sebastian, Florida.

PD New Beginning

Crystalslist | by Crystal Sanchez

I present to you, my sky junkie family, MY list, of every awesome boogie happening this summer in the United
States—all in one place.

Turning Points: 4-Way Juniors Versus 4-Way Seniors | by Kurt Gaebel, NSL

The new rule does not allow 4-way juniors to
compete in more than one event—which is their own, of course, 4-way junior. There is an exception for juniors who are 15 years of age and older; they can also sign up for the AAA/open/women categories if they want to. However, it is still only one event that they are allowed to attend.

This is different from the seniors, who can sign up for almost as many events as they want. There is no restriction that keeps a senior competitor from signing up for 4-way open/4-way women and 8-way competition at FAI/IPC events, and you can add 4-way VFS and artistic events to it too if you have enough money.

#fuckthesystem | by Melanie Curtis

I like weird. I like the adventure of the unknown. I like the fun only found in things going ways we never thought they’d go. Turns out, I like living into the edges. Challenging the status quo. Challenging what’s “not possible.” Challenging
what’s “not normal.” Giving the metaphorical bird to ideas that broader society might blindly live within if not for people willing to jump out of airplanes. Literally or figuratively. Turns out, I like questioning what my own mind tells me I can’t do and what “the system” tries to dictate.

Junior Sized Superstar | by the Fuckin’ Pilot

The list of stats, of course, doesn’t give you the most important information, like the fact that Junior [Ludvik] has dedicated most of his time in the sport not only to teaching eager young skydiving students how to jump, but moreover teaching already very well-established skydivers how to pass on the passion by becoming instructors themselves. I’ve personally witnessed this crazyass motherfucker strap himself to the front of more tandem-instructor candidates than you can possibly imagine and, having seen some of the “students” firsthand, I don’t think but absolutely know Junior is flat-out bananas—peel, stem and all.

Dear SkyGod

3) Half of your fantasies are way dirtier and/or far less hygienic. SkyGod knows most of you are all about ass to mouth, facials, golden showers, and “2 Girls 1 Cup.” But period sex is where you draw a line? Come the fuck on.