i111: March 2019

John Lighthall, Kevin Deesenberg, Leah Levy and Jonathan Markowitz during the Puerto Rican Freefall Festival by XTreme Divers West. Photo by David Cherry dsquaredskydiving.com

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Correction April 24, 2019: The print version of this magazine incorrectly stated the cover photo was taken at Skydive Arizona’s SIS 2019 Boogie.

Featured Photo | by Mark ‘Trunk’ Kirschenbaum • gethypoxic.com
Sunset streamer jump during the 2018 Lost Prairie Boogie.


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  • Fluid Wings’ Newest Wing
  • Red Bull X-Alps 2019 Route Announced
  • Skydiving Hall of Fame Class of 2019
  • SIS 2019: Camp Yahawannafly by Chazi Blacksher
  • Four Generations of Flight by Harry Mann

Paradise Aloft: XTreme Divers West, Puerto Rican Freefall Festival | by John Donahue

Centerfold | by Nate Jones
Wingsuiters Craig Lambton, Ted Chen, Amber Forte, Mat Greene and canopy pilot Richo Butts completes the first ever XRW quad dock (one wingsuit per canopy-pilot limb) docked simultaneously over Puerto Escondido.

PIA 2019 | by Zej Moczydlowski

PD New Beginning

Six Big Takeaways from the PIA Symposium | by Laura Jane “LJ” Burgess, DZ Marketing

Sky Music: Skydiver and composer Kim Planert’s new album soars | by Mara Lucien

Sky Music

Turning Points: Good Sports | by Kurt Gaebel, NSL

Badass Ass Time | by Melanie Curtis

Right Seat Blues | by The Fuckin’ Pilot