i107: November 2018

Matt Fistler makes Bridge Day 2018 look autumnally good. Photo by David Cherry • dsquaredskydiving.com

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Cover Photo | by David Cherry • dsquaredskydiving.com

Featured Photo | by Leah Levy

Instructor Mike Flor helps his student with an important message at Skydive Orange in Virginia.

The FlyBy

LTBJ: The Mullet Butthole Boogie | by Sam Hardy

Chris “Douggs” McDougall, the founder, and I wanted to run 10 days of BASE coaching for all our previous students and aim for them to learn more, advance their skill sets and grow trust among the LTBJ family. In short … it was fucking awesome!

Deadman Boogie | by Wrong Way Patie

The stories went on and on. Embers from the cedar coffin flew into the sky … It looked like souls flying away into the night. Tears came down from almost everybody, as “blue skies” was heard after each name and story.

Centerfold | Trunk

Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum (gethypoxic.com) captured the contrasts of the Midwest during Chicagoland Skydiving Center’s 2018 Independence Boogie.

Crotch Dockers of the World, Unite! | by Danielle Barlow

Have you ever unintentionally touched someone during a skydive “where their bathing suit covers” OR have you ever fully INTENTIONALLY touched someone in their special spots?

All About That High: A Review of “Sugar Alpha” by Roger and Melissa Nelson | Mara Schmid

Certainly, if a novelist tried pitching this story, they’d be told the plot is far too outrageous and to dial it back about six notches.

French Girl Power +Turning Points+ | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

Is that impressive enough? It’s still not the end.

50-year Friends | Melanie Curtis

This weekend, I got to witness friendships spanning more than 50 years. I got to see so many of my own peers, all of us on our way to becoming 50-year friends too.

Evolving | The Fuckin’ Pilot

I woke up in the morning to head out to the DZ for another day of jumping out of airplanes and I wasn’t excited. Beyond not excited, I wasn’t even particularly happy about it.


[W]e, the crazy assholes who throw themselves out of planes and off cliffs, are a family.

PD New Beginning

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