i104: August 2018

A group of well-dressed skydivers have fun jumping dressed in suits and ties. Part of the fun during Carolina Fest 2018 organized by Skydive Carolina. Photo by Norman Kent

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Cover Photo | by Norman Kent • normankent.com

Featured Photo | Ralph Kristopher • ralphkristopher.com

Pryce Brown hanging out above Lake George in the Chugach Range of Alaska.

The FlyBy

The BASEBird’s Guide to Heliboogie | by Mara Schmid

If you’re thinking about attending Heliboogie, what should you know before you book that flight to Norway? From weather to travel logistics and where to stay, we’ve got you covered.

The Land of a Thousand Smiles | By Zach Lewis

The Thai people were amazing, the location was beautiful, the food was fantastic, the skydives were great, the monkeys were cute and the weather held up. … I hope I get the chance to make my way back to the Land of a Thousand Smiles!

Vertical Sequential World Record | By Melissa Nelson Lowe

This event was phenomenal and incredibly inspiring—so inspiring that Matt and I are planning for the next vertical sequential world record in 2020!

Centerfold | Guru Khalsa

A group of skydivers exiting above Skydive Spaceland looks like a modern Renaissance painting during the “Lookin to Build” event.

Full-Circle Love | By Zej Moczydlowski

So, to Nicole and Junior: in a crazy, messed-up world, you two insane bastards make a jaded hateful SOB like me actually believe that maybe all love isn’t doomed. You found each other and your love is so real it makes us all want to puke. All the best.

Nylon Ninjas: Kaylin Truba | By Hollie-Blue Allum

I really enjoy combining the machining part of my job and seeing how it translates to a textile. Once I understood the correlation between the mechanization and textiles, I started seeing even clothing shopping differently, wondering, ‘Where was the breaking point?’

The Nylon Ninjas: Kaylin Truba

Chasing the Flow | Mara Schmid

“The Rise of Superman” examines extreme sports and human performance in the context of flow, looking at a variety of activities and athletes like Travis Rice, Dean Potter and Shane McConkey. The general premise of the book is that humans are programmed to seek out flow, because flow is a driving force of improved performance and therefore evolution. And extreme sports offer a shortcut to flow.

#MeToo +Turning Points+ | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

I am NOT saying I don’t see the untapped large potential of attracting more women into our sport. I hear that there are roughly only 15 percent in the whole skydiving community. Yes, I am all for doing everything it takes to attract more girls into our unique world and sharing the element with them. I just don’t think that separating them at a formation-skydiving competition in different categories is a smart way to do it.

Lean on Me | Melanie Curtis

We can absolutely, positively know and choose ourselves to be allies of equity and inclusion AND STILL have deeply ingrained biases driving us.

And what happens then is that the DZ can become a place where only the privileged can actually relax, feel genuinely at ease and ‘lighten up.’

Testing Limits | The Fuckin’ Pilot

When I first started flying an airplane at 16 years old, I did it for the same reasons that I assumed everyone did: I wanted to fly, I wanted the opportunity to see the world in a way that not many people ever get the chance to, and of course to impress girls!


So, let SkyGod clear something up: if you want to be a member of this community you need to toughen up. Put on your big-boy and -girl panties, thicken up that skin and have some damn fun!

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