i103: July 2018

Guru Khalsa takes a selfie above Skydive California with (l-to-r) Tristan Henle, Craig Lambton and Ted Chen.

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Cover Photo | Guru Khalsa

Featured Photo | Jessica Brownlow

A sequential group turns some points over Skydive California at the Pride Boogie.

The FlyBy

Photo Interview: Flora Uragallo | by Zach Lewis

I basically spent my entire life on the skydiving center, so I thought it was assumed but I do remember the first time I approached my father about it, he tried to talk me out of it. But I was serious and he supported me.

WTF IS A Beer-Do!?! | By Zej Moczydlowski

A plastic spoon behind the ear: a sure sign of a Beer-Do enthusiast.

2018 Tunnel Awards

Hats off to Shaw and Brad helping me pull off asking my girlfriend if she’d marry me while she was in the tunnel flying. And yes, she said yes. Thanks, iFly Whitby.

Centerfold | Michael “Chico” Tomaselli

Get the Shot: Perspective | by Michael Bellotti

This change in perspective, from standing to lying flat, had an enormous impact on the images I started getting.

Finding the Limits: The Endless Fall by Mike Swain | by Mara Schmid

The Endless Fall is NOT a book I would recommend to non-airsports participants, particularly if they happen to be a loved one who is already worried about you jumping. … Instead, it’s a book I would recommend to people within skydiving or BASE who want to understand how far we’ve come and the debt that’s owed to those who came before—who were willing to use their bodies to find outjust how far the limits could be pushed in search of freedom and freefall.

Before It’s Too Late | James La Barrie +Dropzone Marketing+}

I don’t want to share my sentiments to people after it’s too late, but what can I do to put it into practice to ensure the people in my life know I care about
and love them?

What is it? +Turning Points+ | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

So instead—or better, on top of—watching him and enjoying his excitement I began to think about it and reflecting on why I myself am so crazy about 4-way training and competition.

Porta-Potties | Melanie Curtis

I look back on my porta-potty usage and no joke, legitimately see it as a piece of building my own grit, resilience and easygoing approach to life.

The Fuckin’ Oath | The Fuckin’ Pilot

There was no way anyone could have known then that a car wreck could
have had such far-reaching effects.

Dear SkyGod

This is supposed to be a community which takes care of its own and where you do what you can to get people in the air.

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