i102: June 2018

Jason Moledzki swoops his PD BASE Proxy 260 at Kjerag, Norway, during opening weekend at SBK Base.

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Cover Photo | Jason Moledzki

Featured Photo | Daniel Croft

Chazi Blacksher voices an opinion during the Ladies Sequential Invitational at Skydive Perris.

The FlyBy

The FlyBy {i102: June 2018}

Wingsuit Tunnels | Simon Repton

Located in Sweden and originally built in 1940, the aircraft tunnel was repurposed as an indoor wingsuit environment in late 2017. Could it really be a place to fly?

Wingsuit Tunnels

Is CRW Cool Again? | Chris Bohn

CRW has always been a very accepting discipline. Most jumpers have been offered CRW jumps, right? So why are there still so many people who haven’t tried it? A lot of jumpers have an opinion of CRW, whether it’s based on anything more than campfire stories or not.

Is CRW Cool Again?

Centerfold | Guru Khalsa

2018 Ladies BASE Boogie: A Bridge, a Bunch of Badasses and a Hero | Mara Schmid

No one’s keeping score but it’s no secret women are a minority in BASE. Yet women have been instrumental in making the sport what it is today, from Jean Boenish, BASE #3, who was there from the sport’s inception and who managed BASE numbers and ran Bridge Day for years; to Marta Empinotti, one of the sport’s longest active jumpers and founder of multiple BASE equipment companies from Vertigo to Apex BASE; to Anne Helliwell, inventor of the tailgate. A combination of personal reticence and the presence of more (and louder) male voices in the sport have overshadowed this impressive legacy.

That imbalance was one reason Cassie Hero wanted to put female BASE jumpers front and center by organizing a women’s BASE event at the Perrine Bridge in Idaho this past April.

2018 Ladies BASE Boogie: A Bridge, a Bunch of Badasses and a Hero

SiSters by the Sea | k-dub, Chief Mermaid

It isn’t every day that you get to see an Otter loading and realize that only a few of the people getting on are men.

Live Your Best Life: A review of “Above All Else” by Dan BC | Mara Schmid

First things first: is “Above All Else” “all that”? Or is one of the most hyped books in skydiving overhyped?

My $12 Deodorant | James La Barrie +Dropzone Marketing+}

So, what’s the takeaway here? Native was able to make something as simple as deodorant … interesting. What if we were to do this within an industry that actually is interesting, like skydiving?

Airspeed-Over and Over Again +Turning Points+ | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

It’s not the first time I am impressed with Arizona Airspeed and that might be the point. It seems like they impress not only me, over and over again.

Airline Dreams? | The Fuckin’ Pilot

Before I knew it, I was an actual honest-to-goodness airline pilot living in one of the most expensive places I possibly could, supporting myself, my girlfriend, two dogs and two cars.

Happy Spring! | Melanie Curtis

Now doing other things during winter, I find myself in the company of most Northeast jumpers who essentially take half the year off every year. So weird! (For me, that is.) And cool. I’m digging it.


The only way to prevent our vibe from changing is to come together and ensure a place where everyone can relax and let loose. Where everyone knows they won’t be at risk and that, if anything does happen and they come forward, the community will stand with them. Until that’s the case—and it is not right now—then sure as hell: #MeToo.

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