i100: April 2018

All the covers from our first issue in July 2009 to the present.

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Cover Photo | by 66 talented people


Raymond Adams Kenneth Gajda Ben Nelson
Laszlo Andacs Marco Glaviano Javier ‘Buzz’ Ortiz
Adam Andrews Laura Golly Dave Padyjasek
Karlee Ayers Dave Gransden Randi Paquette
Luciano Bacque Mark Harris Jeff Provenzano
Pierre Badenhorst James Hatch Dano Robertson
Marty Barman Phil High/EAA Mariano Rosales
Curt Bartholomew Barry Holubeck Daniel Schiermeyer
Marius Beck Dahle Matt Hoover Bill Schmitz
Trond Bolstad Andrzej Jesmanowicsz April Schuldt
Brian Buckland Becky Johns Samantha Schwann
Bruno Brokken Scott Jontes Elina Sirparanta
Gustavo Cabana Robin Kellam Maksim Slobodian
Scott Callantine Norman Kent Deane “Smudge” Smith
Justin Carmody Guru Khalsa Randy Swallows
Jeff Chan Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum Brad Vancina
David Cherry Derrick Krakau Pat Walker
Dom Daher Rolf Kuratle Aidan Walters
Niklas Daniel Wolfgang Lienbacher Chad Wilcox
Jeff Donohue James “Macca” Macdonald Kelly Winegar
Sindre Espejord Chris “Douggs” McDougall Avalon Wolf
Jens Esselstrom Wayne McLachlan John Zagoda

Featured Photo | by Ismael Iribar

Taylor Thelander, the white bunny, and Robert Vasquez, the pink bunny, exit a Skyvan at the Falling Gators 20th annual Boogie at Skydive Palatka. Photo by Ismael Iribar • instagram.com/ismael.iribar

The FlyBy

Happy New Year from the Wuhan Clan! | by Zach Lewis

According to Time magazine and multiple other sources, this was to be by far the largest TV event in the world. This made the Super Bowl, with its 120 million viewers, look like the local news broadcast.

Photo Essay: Spring Fling | by Denis Zhuravkov and Michael “Chico” Tomaselli

Centerfold | by 57 of the world’s most talented photographers


Michael Anderson Greg Gasson Kazuyuki Oyama
Jason Arsenault Andreas Gubser Will Penny
Luciano Bacque Tim Hajewski Jason Peters
Pierre Badenhorst Mason Holden Andrew Revesz
Noah Bahnson Barry Holubeck Dano Robertson
Marty Barman Danny Jacobs Tyler Roemer
Alex Bittner George Katsoulis Luke Rogers
Willy Boeykens Norman Kent David Royer
Bruno Brokken Guru Khalsa Bill Schmitz
Jessica Brownlow Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum April Schuldt
Brian Buckland SSG Mike Koch Maksim Slobodian
Scotty Burns Derrick Krakau Randy Swallows
Gustavo Cabana Rolf Kuratle René Terstegen
Scott Callantine Max Lesziak Brad Vancina
Justin Carmody Taylor Maag Lance Wesley
Jeff Chan Juan Mayer Chad Wilcox
SFC Jon Ewald Marie Nel Royce Wilson
Samantha Farmer Eskil J. Nielsen-Ferreira John Zagoda
Kenneth Gajda Josef Nindl Denis Zhuravkov

Surviving to Look Back: Female Progression in BASE | by Katie Hansen

In BASE jumping, women are put at great risk by men who want to impress them.

The Nylon Ninjas: Allison Reay
| By Hollie-Blue Allum, Performance Designs

And probably my favorite type of freefall is AFF. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, it’s exciting and a little scary. Teaching and bringing people into the sport is the most rewarding to me.

The Nylon Ninjas: Allison Reay

Know Your Past * A Review of “BASE 66: A story of fear, fun and freefall” by Jevto Dedijer | by Mara Schmid

“BASE 66” is an indispensable read to anyone who wants to understand BASE culture and history. That said, I would strongly not recommend this book to anyone as their introduction to BASE or

PD New Beginning

Stop Selling, Start Connecting | James La Barrie +Dropzone Marketing+}

Our landscape is filled with selling and shouting into the digital sphere, “WE SELL SKYDIVING! WE SELL SKYDIVING! WE SELL SKYDIVING!” The voice of so many DZs in our industry is about selling at the lowest possible price as opposed to offering a service that inspires and enriches lives. We’ve lost our brand story. What is our identity and why are we really doing this? Right now, it’s a straight-up hustle: jam them in and jam them out. Huck meat, throw drogues, complain, repeat.

#MeToo | The Fuckin’ Pilot

All right. Some of you are already pissed off at me just for the title, so do me a favor and bear with me for just a few.

“My Golden Sunshine” | Melanie Curtis

On one piece of land on this earth people get naked in saunas in coed groups without a second thought; on another piece of land on this earth, suggest that same thing and you’ve got red faces and no-f*cking-way all the way around. Without intentionally checking those more widely dictated societal boundaries in our own minds, we will always end up living our lives inside them.

Pick your poison! | SkyGod

1) Next time remember your fucking EPs—if you can’t get out of them, cut away line twists BEFORE you pull reserve. You’re welcome, jackass.
2) Minions, we’ve never gone over SkyGod’s favorite boozes. So, here are notes for when you hacks realize you owe him a bottle!

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