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I dig human flight in its many forms, yoga (especially the alignment kind) and I like reading (duh). In my spare time I flirt with minimalism.


I'm Lara! I help run this place. Most days I feel like a little kid impersonating a responsible adult. Email me at


Faith McKeen is the genius behind Blue Skies Mag's instagram account. Packer, rigger, writer, wife, friend and flyer, Faith does pretty much everything pretty much awesomely.

The Fuckin' Pilot

If you're easily offended, just stop now. If you like straight talk and gut-busting laughter with your Cheerios then Dean "Princess" Ricci, aka The Fuckin' Pilot, is your guy. Skydiving pilot (9,000 hours of flight time, including 7,000 flying jumpers),tandem instructor (10,000 + Jumps), man whore (stats unknown) and more, there's no subject Dean doesn't have an opinion or story for.

James La Barrie

As a former drop zone manager for nine years with proven results, James La Barrie is a different kind of marketing professional. As the founder of DropZone.Marketing, he helps his DZ clients increase revenues by implementing techniques in word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM), social media, company culture, branding and world-class web design.


Krisanne's part of the west coast Blue Skies Mag crew, where she lives in the hipster & hippie haven of Oakland, CA. She jumps at various Northern California dropzones, but considers Skydance in Davis, CA home.

She's been jumping for almost 10 years and has just over 1300 jumps, almost all of them in what the freefliers like to call the pull position. Krisanne's competed in 4-way, 8-way, and 10-way at USPA Nationals and organizes regularly for local belly flyers.

Moe Viletto

Moe Viletto is the owner of Tailored For Survival, a specialty sewing and design company for life-support systems. He bought a parachute after his first jump in 1971, started to pioneer BASE equipment and jumping in the early 1980s, and has been working in the parachute industry full-time ever since. Catch his stories on Skydive Radio at

Zach Lewis

Zach Lewis started jumping in 1997 and flies camera for Dallas Disturbance and a few other teams. He enjoys jumping, taking pictures, taking pictures while jumping, and whiskey.

The Harry Parker

As just a little newbie I fell out of a Beech-18 and landed into the swamps of the Florida Everglades. I was befriended by a pack of wild CReW Dogs, wrapped up in an old CRW Unit Parachute and raised on 100 LowLead, altitude, and healthy doses of adrenaline. The Dogs taught me how to fend for myself in the wild's of the Blue Yonder using nothing but a camera, a stack of tall tales and a pull up cord. Currently working with Project Recover helping to return American MIAs.


Loves to skydive, BASE jump and create or cause mischief. Life is there to be enjoyed.


Sydney is the founder of Planet Green Socks, an event planning company specializing in professionally-organized skydiving events. Contrary to popular belief, she's never spent a dime on anything unicorn-related.


Mara is a writer and airsports athlete among other miscellaneous things. She is also the CEO of ReAgency Marketing,

Hollie-Blue Allum, Performance Designs

Hollie-Blue Allum is an ex-drop-zone kid turned social butterfly at Performance Designs. At PD she stalks social, writes articles and gets the bosses to debrief her landings.


SkyGod is the best fucking skydiver the world has ever known. Do you dare question SkyGod?

James Hayhurst

James Hayhurst has been a noted skydiving competitor, organizer and leader for over 40 years. He’s a many-time national champion and member of more than 20 U.S. Parachute Teams. Currently, he serves as USPA’s Director of Competition. Jim has 11,000 jumps.


Missy Keough runs Blue Skies Magazine’s (unofficial) Wisconsin office where she also manages a mailing and fulfillment services company. She’s an enthusiastic tunnel rat who wants to make lip-syncing a competitive sport.

Melissa Lowe


Pierre picks the photos and makes the magazine look pretty.


Chris “Douggs” McDougall is one of the most experienced, hard-core BASE jumpers on the planet, and the author of the book “Confessions of an Idiot: A Colourful Tale of a Life in Freefall.” Douggs' BASE jumping, speedflying, paragliding, climbing and surfing missions have taken him around the world 100 times over...and it's all been captured on camera. See it all at

Norman Kent

Norman Kent is among the world’s most prolific, accomplished and successful skydiving photographers. His life’s journey is not easily summarized in two sentences– for more.