Back Issues: 2010

  • January/February 2010 Issue #7

    i7: January/February 2010

  • March 2010 Issue #8

    i8: March 2010

  • Blue Skies Magazine i9: April 2010 |

    i9: April 2010

      i9: April2010 | Cover photo and story: Bruno Brokken's 3-D World

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  • Blue Skies Magazine i10: May 2010 |

    i10: May 2010

      i10: May 2010 | Cover Photo: Dennis Anderson of the Liberty Parachute Team during EAA AirVenture’s air show opening act. Photo by Phil High/EAA Photo

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  • June/July 2010 Issue #11

    i11: June/July 2010

    i11, June/July 2010 | Justin Carmody photographed Florida jumpers Jennifer and Lauren.

  • August 2010 Issue #12

    i12: August 2010

  • September 2010 Issue #13

    i13: September 2010

      i13: September 2010 | Cover photo by Marco Glaviano | "The beautiful backdrop in this photo is Sardegna (aka Sardinia), one of Italy’s most ancient lands. The panorama is never monotonous or repetitive and at times displays or hides the remote, unique and complex origins of this Mediterranean island. It is also famous for its rich wine history refl ected in the magnifi cent ochre color of the soil visible in the background. That soil consists of volcanic granite, limestone, sand, silt and boulder clay. It is well-known that soil composition and climate play an important role in grape growing and wine production. Oh, and in the foreground is well-known VFS skydiver and international model, Roberta Mancino ..."

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  • October 2010 Issue #14

    i14: October 2010

      i14: October 2010 | Luciano Bacque (pronounced Bah Kay) being attacked by a camera-flying dog. Photo by Jack Russel •
    (Actually it’s a self portrait taken by Luciano using a foot-mounted camera.

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  • November 2010 Issue #15

    i15: November 2010

      i15: November 2010 | Cover Photo: Greg Kapral (well, part of his helmet at least...), Terry Godfrey (the one with the about-to-fart expression), Greg Alvarado (the screamer) and professional camera-geeker Kevin Brown (hanging) over Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL. Photo by Brad Vancina.

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