Brett Charles Martin needs a shoulder upgrade!

Skydiving can be rough on the shoulders – especially after a few thousand jumps working with students. Brett recently had an accident during an AFF jump, and his Arizona buddies have organized a little support to help him get back on his feet – and in the air.

From his GoFundMe page:

PD New Beginning

Brett GoFundMe

In July Brett Charles Martin, had and accident on an AFF jump. While stabilizing his student he dislocated his shoulder. It was originally thought that it would be a few weeks to a full recovery but an MRI has shown that he is in dire need of surgery.
Unfortunately Brett just moved to AZ and was sorting a lapse in medical insurance when this happened. This has made it difficult for him to even set appointments with surgeons. It is very important that Brett get this surgery before any permanent nerve damage is done, the sooner the better.
If you are in a position to help out, I know Brett is definitely the type to pay it forward. Let’s help a fellow skydiver out.

If you are able to spare a few dollars, please visit Brett’s GoFundMe page, organized by Gen Montreuil.

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