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Written by Faith

It will please some of you to know you aren’t the only one who has had to look at a calendar for the last month to know what day it is. It will please the rest of you who aren’t afflicted in this way that what follows is a no-brainer guide to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. 

Surprise! To the half of you that are like me. Yes Cinco de Mayo is today!

Lettuce not get political about the history, and guac right to the good stuff. There has been a worldwide pandemic, in case you didn’t know, called the Corona virus. It has been the butt of many memes, and what better day to really rub some salt into the wounds than with a Corona infused Margarita. Sometimes, this crafty drink is called the Mexican Car Crash. Whatever you call it, and whether you decide to make it with sour mix, or sub in fresh squeezed lime this is the starting point for a great celebration. 

Not a drinker? I’ll lump you in the foodie category then. Click for the most basic Mexican Street Taco recipe I could find. I know some have spent the last month trolling Facebook, and verbally attacking all of your contacts who have an alternate view of life than you. However, I did not choose the meatiest recipe just to isolate you, more than you already have! 

Sky families are the best families. |

I myself am a no-meater.  Use your creativity. I know it still lurks inside of you, based on that punny Twitter post you made yesterday, that clearly shows how you feel about politicians, disinfectant, and COVID-19.  I digress – pick your favorite veggies, season them up and call it a day. Alternately make your own walnut and cauliflower taco ‘meat’ if you have time, or explore a time-saving commercial meat sub like Morning Star, Meatless Crumbles. Oh, the vast choices you have, should you brave the grocery store.

Finally, how do you socialize? Although, I cannot relate to the need to socialize outside of my husband, and dog, the last link in my rant is for you extroverted social butterflies. If you have been crushed by stay-at-home; self-quarantine; lockdown; safer-at-home, or whatever we are calling it right now, this last link is for you. 

If you have been entertained by my article I welcome you not to message me and just scroll on. As I said, I’m a hermit. If you have not been entertained then I encourage you to disregard my writing completely, and I challenge you instead to write something better, on a topic of your choice for Blue Skies Mag. 

Cheers! 🍸

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