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Shauna Finley joins Blues Skies Mag Team

Shauna's Bio
Shauna Finley

Shauna edits the magazine.
Written by Shauna

Just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. I’m Shauna Finley! Many of you know me as a USPA Regional Director but I’m also going to be taking on a role as an editor here at Blue Skies Magazine.

 I’m brand new to the BSM Team, but I’ve been in the skies for 6 years.  I’m an I/E, videographer and Master Rigger.

Our sport has given me so much, enabled me to meet amazing people, and I’m constantly trying to give back to the community. This opportunity at BSM is my latest chance to do so.

PD New Beginning

I’ll be chiming in with safety and rigging tips from time to time but, mainly, I’ll be focusing on editing and working behind the scenes.  I have a vision for this magazine. I want to get more jumpers of all experience levels involved and get their content onto our pages. 

So, please, don’t be shy. Submit your pictures, articles, and anecdotes about whatever. This is our magazine, let’s make it as unique as our community!