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Unsung Heroes of the DZ

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Originally printed in issue #113 (May 2019) of Blue Skies Magazine.
Download Unsung Heroes of the DZ printable cards
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In our May issue we started a little game called “Unsung Heroes of the DZ.” The idea is to thank the people around the drop zone who make it our home. The people who do the little things no one thinks much about but make all the difference. We invite you to notice and thank them, the unsung heroes of the DZ. Cut out these cards and pass them out.

Download Unsung Heroes of the DZ printable cards

Ideas: Turn them into badges that can be worn by the hero. Have them available for sale at the bar or snack shack, and the hero can redeem it for a thank-you beer.

PD New Beginning

If you hand these out, be sure to send us your heroes’ names so we can all give a big Them! *

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