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The Best Video Contest Ever

Written by Mara

May 8: News flash! The contest has been extended to June 15, so get your submissions in to Kim ASAP!

Ever struggled to find music to match your beautiful footage of soaring by clouds, running out of a Skyvan, or freeflying with your friends? What if we told you that not only was there new great music you could use on your skydiving videos, but that your amazing video could win you free skydives?

Blue Skies Mag & skydiver-composer Kim Planert present The Best Video Contest Ever. Kim’s new album SKYLIGHT: Notes from a Logbook, released March 8, was inspired by his experiences skydiving and wingsuiting. “Skylight is an homage to the sport and those who have fallen,” says Kim. “The tracks are also my gift to the community to be used on their skydiving videos. There seems to be a shortage of impactful music that has a deeper connection to the experience, from Hollywood movies to weekend jump vids. Partially and rightfully so, caused by copyright rules. I feel that much of the music used lacks the spiritual experience which I tried to capture and which is at the heart of jumping.”

The Deal

Skydivers and airsports athletes are invited to use the music from Kim’s new album on their noncommercial, personal videos. For this contest, and in general.

The Contest

If you use Kim’s music on a video and share it with us by May June 15, you could win a prize.
First prize: 10 jumps at your local DZ.
Second prize: 5 jumps at your local DZ.
Third prize: 1-year Blue Skies magazine subscription.
Plus additional swag for all winners. (Max value of first prize: $300. Max value of second prize: $150.)

PD New Beginning

How to Enter

Post your video publicly online on a platform of your choosing before May 15. Be sure to:

  1. Give credit (in your video & your post) to “Music by Kim Planert”.
  2. Tag Kim (@kimplanertmusic on FB, @kimplanert on IG) and Blue Skies (@BlueSkiesMag) in your post. Use the hashtags #skylight and #bestvideocontestever.
  3. Email the video link to so we for sure don’t miss your entry.

How to Win

Kim and two expert judges will vote on their favorite videos and decide who wins. The number of votes and shares your video has WILL be taken into account, so don’t wait until the last day to post your video!

Happy editing!

Want to know more about Kim Planert and Skylight? Check out this post!


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