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Lunatic Fringe – Into the Void

Written by Kolla

OH SNAP, the Fuckin’ Pilot has now found his way onto the audio waves, and started a podcast!

You can find the Lunatic Fringe almost wherever you get your other favorite podcasts from: iTunes, – but the easiest way to keep up to date is to simply check or keep up with us – we’ll be sure to spread the word.

The cast of characters is already impressive and more in the works:

PD New Beginning

Episode 1: David “Junior” Ludvik
2017 Swoop Freestyle Work Champion and multiple skydiving world record holder.

Episode 2: Patrick “Patches” and Shavon Kaye
Competition canopy pilot, skydive instructor and badass husband and wife team.

Episode 3: Mark Norman
Professional Skydive instructor, camera man and true ambassador to the sport.

Episode 4: Cornelia Mihai and Oga Naumova
World Champion canopy pilot and professional skydive instructor and her up and coming competitor protégé.

Episode 5: Jarrett Martin
Professional skydiver, BASE jumper, rigger, motivational speaker and gear manufacturer.

Episode 6: Nick Scalabrino and Matt Munting
Trail blazers of the Wingsuit BASE world and how they got started.

Give it a listen and and follow the Lunatic Fringe tag to get them all – you don’t want to miss the most handsome podcaster of them all!

Dean Ricci in the other cockpit – where all the magic happens!

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