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Skydiver with a SOLE

Written by Kolla

Skydiver and tunnel coach launches a footwear brand focused on quality, durability, and fit!

Led by product designer and world champion skydiver Bill Schmitz, The Sole Workshop is an atelier making handcrafted bespoke leather flip flop / sandals just outside of Brussels, Belgium.

We have been designing and testing since 2016 but began fulfilling orders and shipping overseas this past year. Our measuring system allows us to create a custom fit for anyone in the world and we have a flawless record of getting the sizing just right. Fully bespoke footwear has typically only been available in ultra high end brands, but the concept of custom equipment is something that skydivers are actually quite familiar with.

PD New Beginning

Our goal is to appeal to those seeking quality and comfort, while keeping a strong emphasis on durability and a long product lifespan by using good materials and better construction methods. We want to see people get some serious mileage out of every pair we make!


Skydivers are professional flip-flop wearers, and we all love custom made goods, so this is a perfect fit for the discriminating DZ crowd! We hope to hear these flippers flopping around us soon, and are already saving our pennies for a pair. Keep up with them on Facebook or Instagram for the latest!

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