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What Moe Wants from Santa

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Originally printed in issue #84 (December 2016) of Blue Skies Magazine.
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More of Moe’s Monday Memoirs.

When I was a kid my mom told me there was a Santa, a Tooth Fairy, an Easter Bunny, etc. and there was NO Boogie Man under my bed. When I got older and found out the truth, I was disturbed that she lied to me and NOW, there WAS a Boogie Man under my bed. How was I to believe her on anything?

As time passed and I saw all the madness that revolved around how things are “supposed to be,” I quit playing the games. I became a nonconformist. I refused to give or receive any gifts that were related to how it’s supposed to be for holidays and the like. No more birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter or anything. I didn’t even wish my mom a Happy Mother’s Day on that day—but EVERY single time I saw her or spoke to her on the phone I wished her a Happy Mother’s Day. Why should I honor my mom only once a year when I love and appreciate her nonstop?

Eventually, my whole family followed my lead. Mom got it first. She knew how much I really loved her when Mom’s Day arrived and I treated it as a normal day. I would smile at her and she saw the love in my eyes. When I saw something I thought my sister would like, I would get it for her. If something caught my eye the very next day I would get that for her too. It felt sooo much better for both of us. It meant so much more. Both the giving and receiving emotions were felt from the heart.

PD New Beginning

No more stress, pressure, greed or expectations. No more dates to remember! Giving and receiving out of the blue is so much more rewarding and, I have to say, much less complicated.

So what do I want? Nuttin. ‘Cept spread the love … ALWAYS. And yeah, on those “supposed to be” days too if that’s what floats yer boat.

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  • Nice! Why hubby and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day! Why should you have to prove you love someone or give them gifts of love or appreciation on one specific day a year? You should do that randomly through the year just because!

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