Vigil AAD releases PBS 02-2018 Service Bulletin

Written by Kolla

Vigil AAD has released a service bulletin for their Vigil II units. The bulletin affects serial numbers from 16000 to 21999. Visit this link to enter your serial number and find out if your unit is affected.
From the service bulletin:

PD New Beginning

BackgroundAfter inspecting a Vigil that had an unexpected activation, a flexible electrical connection inside the Vigil unit was found in a folded state. This caused an unreliable connection that resulted in a unit malfunctioning. To date, over 200 Vigil II units with the same type of flexible connection have been inspected during maintenance, and no other unit has been found with this problem.
In the interest of user safety, AAD wants to inspect all Vigil II units that use the same specific type of flexible connection. This inspection must be made before 31 December 2019.

Click to view or download the bulletin in full PSB-02-2018  – or view it directly on the Vigil AAD website.


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