Australian Skydivers set Large Formation Sequential Record – 3 point 32-way

Written by Kolla

Congrats on your new record Aussies!

PD New Beginning


FAI has ratified the following Class G (Parachuting) Oceanian record :
Claim number : 18342
Sub-class : G-2 / Performance Records
Category : General
Group : Large Formation Sequential Records – Formation Skydiving
Type of record : 3 formations
Course/location : Moruya, NSW (Australia)
Performance : 32 skydivers
Team of Australia
Team Members : Phillips Adam (Australia), Holly Atteridge (Australia), Andrew John Barker (Australia), Tracey Basman (Australia), Yaakov Bokay (Australia), William Gordon Bor (Australia), Alexander Cattaneo (Australia), Karen Fuller (Australia), Allan Gray (Australia), Daniel Gray (Australia), William Kenneth Harris (Australia), Shana Harris (Australia), Mark Gerard Higgins (Australia), Deborah Hobbs (Australia), Kerry Hook (Australia), Ove Jorgensen (Australia), Antony Kayne (Australia), Gregory Kenneth Jack (Australia), Ivan Kljajic (Australia), Amanda Lavis (Australia), Helen Mahony (Australia), Maurice Mathey (Australia), Peter McKenzie (Australia), Craig William McNee (Australia), Vivian Claire Merz (Australia), Craig Morris (Australia), Christian Peric (Australia), Helen Jayne Perry (Australia), Maybritt Elisabet Prahl (Australia), Kristofor Sieczkowski (Australia), Guy Taylor (Australia), Dawn Lisa Tratt (Australia)
Date : 24.11.2017
Previous record : no record set yet

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