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Dink Dink: Episode VII Chutes N Ladders

Written by Kolla

If there is one boogie this year that I am a little sore about missing out on, it’s round 4 of Dink Dink, put on by the Raw Dogs in Hastings, MI.

What is Dink Dink? It’s a multi-discipline boogie that brings together jumpers from different skill levels, disciplines and locations, to learn from the best and have fun. Dink Dink is also jumper built, jumper funded, and jumper run. There is not an active dropzone at the Hastings Airport normally, but for those four glorious days, one appears as if for magic.

Aircraft on hand: Super Grand Caravan, Twin Otter and everyones favorite: a Hot Air Balloon.

The 2018 organizer crew features some absolute rock stars that will guarantee jumps that are fun, appropriately challenging and send you home having picked up some new skills or fine tuned what you already brought.

The Raw Dogs
Jim Rasmussen
Eric Gallan
Brian Pangburn

PD New Beginning

Wing Suit:
Nick Peariso
Will Kitto
Dan Darby

Pat Solar
John Thiesen
Dale Maddox

Free Fly/Angle:
Mike Gravelle
Kenny Beach
Jay Veenendaal
Team Aeolus

Flocking / XRW:
Scott Lazarus
Jay Veenendaal

Boogie dates are June 21-24, 2018 – and if you can get out of work and get on a plane, I highly recommend you do it. Then send us some pictures! More info on the Dink Dink Facebook page.

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