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The FlyBy {i101: May 2018}
i101: May 2018 | The FlyBy
Written by Lara

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Originally printed in issue #101 (May 2018) of Blue Skies Magazine.
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i101: May 2018 | The FlyBy

The FlyBy is our monthly round-up of short news, tidbits, cartoons and other random stuff.

Take It DZ | Nadene Beyerbach, Adventure Creative

Help Skydiving Get Scarier

Jumpers in California have made a movie! “Hex” is a horror/thriller about a 6-way gone really, really, really bad. “Following a mysterious disappearance on a jump, a group of skydivers experience paranormal occurrences that leave them fighting for their lives.”

Chris Johnston and Andy Malchiodi co-directed and they’re joined by fellow jumpers Joey Box, Bethany Baptiste and Loyd Bateman as producers. The movie has finished shooting and is turning to the crowd to fund the final post production.

Check out the trailer and donate to the cause at

Vigil Firmware Update

Advanced Aerospace Designs- A.A.D. nv/sa. released a product service bulletin in April for their Sport Vigil II and Vigil 2+ AADs. Those AADs with firmware versions 05.05, 05.06, 06.01 or 06.02 must be updated to the new firmware version. A calculation error in those versions will cause the units to enter a protected mode above approximately 30,000’ MSL.

Affected AADs may not be used for high-altitude jumps or in any aircraft flying at or above 27,000 feet MSL. If you don’t plan to make high-altitude jumps, you can update your AADs firmware during routine repacks but the update must be completed by May 31, 2020.

Units must be shipped to AAD Belgium or Vigil America at customer’s cost; the update and return shipping will be provided at no charge. Customers should follow the RMA procedure at

The Ranch PRO Shop posted a video on their Facebook page showing how to check what firmware version your Vigil AAD has.

Vigil – Product Service Bulletin

Hey Vigil Owners,Advance Aerospace Designs, maker of the Vigil put out a service bulletin today. Here is the link: video is to show how to determine which version your unit is. Fly safe!!

Posted by The Ranch PRO shop on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Punching Jumpers in their Value Box! | By Brad Cole

Punching Jumpers in their Value Box!

KOA “Get Out There” Grants

Kampgrounds of America, inexplicably not COA, has announced a grant program for U.S. and Canadian citizens to fund their outdoor dreams.

Grants will be awarded in amounts from $1,000 to $5,000 per person, for any kind of outdoor adventure you can dream up. Neither camping nor kamping are required. “We are looking for compelling personal stories and innovative adventures that we hope will result in once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experiences for our grant recipients,” says KOA Chairman and CEO Pat Hittmeier. “It might be camping, but it also could be about an adventure that tests personal limits, reconnects friends and family, or fulfillls a lifelong goal. A KOA ‘Get Out There’ Grant could truly be anything. In this case, the sky is literally the limit.”

Applications and details are at and the deadline to apply is June 28.

First Perspective | By Johannes Bergfors

This March I launched a series of videos called “First Perspective” on the YouTube channel Fallrates. The videos show repetitive flying filmed from a point of view (POV). There are different tunnel motions to look at including layouts, head-down and head-up in-face to out-face snakes and half breakers. There are choices for different speeds as well.

PD New Beginning

Your visual experience is a muscle memory. For example, if you have trained as a gymnast and have made 1,000 front flips from the trapeze then you will be more prepared to do a front layout because you have already seen your world spin in front of you on the vertical axis many times and you’ll then be able to navigate at the same time. This is as opposed to having everything just being a blur in front of you if you have to perform a new type of body motion at the same time as your visual changes dramatically. The series is designed for aspiring students who want to invest their own time outside the wind tunnel into their own progression. In theory, if you look at the video of, for example, in-face carving to out-face carving a hundred times, you’ll burn that imagine into your head and lessen the surprise factor of how you need to navigate while upside down.

I used a GoPro 5 mounted to my full-face helmet with a safety tether and was supported with the tunnel time from the wind tunnel Flystation in Munich. Nick Poland flew the different variations of lines as a lead to give a reference for the viewer.

I was recently contacted by a newer flyer who said he just had trained back layouts after watching the videos and felt much more comfortable and conscious in where he was in the trajectory. I will use the videos for explaining to my own students and anyone else is welcome to use them as examples about what to do or not to do. Even if it only creates material for a discussion then that’s great.

As well as the repetitive videos you can also find POV fun flights Nick and I did, and also World Champion freestyler Leonid Volkov. You can find the playlists on the YouTube channel Fallrates:

About the author: Johannes Bergfors from Sweden trains groups and individuals in flying their bodies better and sometimes makes videos from what he sees.

Ladies Sequentials Shred, Scratch, Huck and Badass It Up | by Chazi Blacksher

Katie Hansen and Roberta Mancino said, “No seriously, let’s have a fun weekend. No stress, not a record.” Bryan Gile, Chad Ross, Daniel Croft and David Wybenga said, “Yes you should.” So, Perris Valley Skydiving Center hosted the Ladies Sequential event April 7-8.

It only took a plane full of driven women a couple jumps to let go of seriousness and enjoy flying together. Weather tried to put a damper on the afternoon but a few ladies did not give up hope. That group was able to squeeze in one more jump before piling in cars to go huck over at iFly Oceanside. Teneva Baker planned ahead by bringing a cake to celebrate Bonnie Marie’s birthday, then we hit dinner and drinks to round out the night.

Sunday’s cloud layer burned off to allow a full day of jumping. Ladies were led by Hansen, Mancino and Gile in smaller groups to start the day. After a warmup jump of dynamic flight paired with angle flying or a couple static points the group combined to make one. It turns out exits can be hard, even for veterans. The difference is the ability to shake it off and fly. The base quickly rebuilt and every other slot in the base transitioned upright, one on the third try, another not at all. The comic relief of a butt-flier in the base made for some excited faces in freefall. Nancy Koreen owned it, maintaining fall rate to the point that the first stinger docked on her. Everyone landed safely, Emily Royal as close as she could to Dr. Jen Bocker. “I’m sorry, but I’m putting my fingers in your mouth,” Bocker said after a quick assessment. Royal’s jaw back in place, she was able to speak clearly and explain she hit her head so hard and so right it knocked her jaw out of socket.

Back on the packing mat the butt-fly jokes were making everyone giggle, Hansen’s leg was bleeding and Royal’s cheek was swelling. If you know either one of these ladies you know, “’Tis but a scratch.” Royal would have made another jump if she didn’t have to catch a flight home. Hansen grabbed a bandage and jumped the rest of the day.

The ladies rocked one more formation before splitting into smaller groups to focus on different disciplines. Hansen took angle fliers while Mancino got creative with Ross, throwing eagle transitions and belly points into the dive plan.

This is what it means to shred. The ladies were all there because they show up positive and supportive of each other. It didn’t matter if one lady had 400 jumps and another 4,000; there was a common ground of flying strong with like-minded women who have worked hard to learn to fly and want to expand the community. Mancino and Hansen set a goal of a no-stress and form bonds weekend. They exhibited the ability to relax and run an event despite ever-changing participants’ schedules, last-minute additions and weather holds. Educational debriefs teamed with sweet jumps and laughter provided a laid-back environment where participants could enjoy being the badasses they are.

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