GoFundMe: Help Heal a Hero

Written by Kolla

From Emily’s GoFundMe page:

Emily was involved in a skydiving accident on November 26th, 2017. She was an instructor on an accelerated free fall level 1 jump. The jump did not go as was planned and practiced on the ground. Emily chased the student through the student’s normal pull altitude, putting aside her safety, catching and deploying their parachute for them around 2,200 feet. Once she was clear of her student, Emily deployed her own parachute. As her main opened, her automatic activation device deployed her reserve also. At approximately 500 feet Emily had two parachutes in a biplane configuration. Between 100 and 200 feet above the ground the parachutes began to separate. She attempted to keep the parachutes above her head as much as possible. Emily impacted the ground about half a mile west-northwest of the drop zone (DZ) on a rocky hillside.

PD New Beginning

While her fractured bones have mostly healed, her brain is struggling. Her traumatic brain injury has escalated to a point which is no longer manageable in the comfort of her own home with her husband taking care of her. She is both confused and combative. We ask that everyone comes together as a community to help get her the care that her brain needs. In order for her brain to get the proper care it needs to heal, she will need to be in a 24 hour care facility which specializes in traumatic brain injuries as well as cognitive and behavioral therapies.

If you are able, please help Emily by donating, sharing or sending some well wishes.


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