Vigil issues service bulletin PSB-01-2018

Written by Kolla

Advanced Aerospace Designs (Vigil) have issued service bulletin PSB-01-2108. Compliance status is mandatory – prior to the next jump with any aircraft altitude exceeding 27,000 ft MSL.

Affected are all Sport VIGIL II  & Vigil 2+ with firmware versions 05.05, 05.06, 06.01, 06.02. Users not making or planning a jump with an exit altitude above 27,000 ft MSL have until May 31 2020 to comply with the firmware update.

PD New Beginning

This bulletin does not apply to Military Vigil units.

View or download the copy here: PSB 01-2018[4]    – or visit the Vigil website for information on how to return the unit to the manufacturer for the update.

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