Wicked Wingsuits under new ownership

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Wicked Wingsuits has a new management team a new partner and a new home!
The red devil we’ve come to know and love is getting a facelift! After more than 8 years, Simon and Priscilla Repton have sold Wicked Wingsuits to Jorge Carlos and his partner, Cristina. Jorge is the owner of Xtreme Media Services and has been skydiving since 2003 .

From new owner Jorge: “Simon and Priscilla have built a fantastic company and it’s my goal to maintain and grow the positive reputation and trust they have developed through the years within the community. With that goal in mind, we are working closely with the current Wicked team. Anthony “Kid” Zerbonia and Travis Mickle who operate the American Wingsuit Academy and who have been sponsored Wicked Wingsuit athletes for years, will maintain an important role with the company. Kid and Travis are on the leading edge of the industry and we’re excited to be working with them as they educate and serve the future wingsuiters of the sport. We are expanding our wingsuit offerings to include Squirrel Suits which gives our customer base a broader choice. To say we’re excited is an understatement and we look forward to serving the industry with the same values and service created by Simon and Priscilla.”

On their departure, Simon Repton shares, “It was always about friends, fun and flying. We got a lot of value out of Wicked Wingsuits but by far the greatest benefit was the friendships we have made. After spending a wonderful weekend with Jorge and Cristina we are really excited for them to take over the reigns. We can’t imagine a better fitting team and I believe that Wicked Wingsuits is well positioned to continue to be the global wingsuit rental power house that it has been.”
With the new change in ownership also comes a change to Wicked Wingsuits’ primary location. The main office will be moving from Colorado to Charlotte, North Carolina on the east coast. Jorge’s home DZ is Skydive Carolina and one can expect to see much more happening at the DZ synonymous with one of the best boogies in the world, CarolinaFest.

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