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Happy International SkyChick Day!

Written by Kolla

There is no arguing that the women of this sport are amazing. Despite being a bit of a minority (roughly 20% of USPA members), the ladies that jump do so with full heart, passion, drive and talent. They lough out loud, are beautiful and bad-ass inside and out. We love them all, exactly as they are. Blue Skies Mag is pretty stoked to publish articles and photos by these awesome lady skydivers and base jumpers.

We have named some of our Sky Family characters after notable women in the sport, and hope to introduce quite a few more to you this coming year. Get yourself (or your favorite #SkyChick) a print or digital subscription to our little woman owned* magazine – use coupon #skychicksrule for a 20% discount on either a subscription or your favorite Sky Family decals.

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Sky families are the best families. |

* Made pretty and published with the help of our token twig & berries member, who can make anything made of paper look pretty. Contact us if you need his quite reasonably priced services! 

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