ChutingStar Rigger Course

Written by Kolla

ChutingStar does more than just get you g’d up – they can help you get all smart and riggery too!

Next course is set for May 14-25, 2018, as of late January 4 slots were available.
Cost is $1,750.00 and registration and fee can be taken care of on the ChutingStar website.

ChutingStar’s Senior Parachute Rigger Certification School is led by FAA Master Rigger Steve Haseman. Testing at the end of the course is conducted by Atlanta Designated Parachute Rigger Examiner Mike Gruwell.

PD New Beginning

Prerequisites include being proficient at packing a main canopy. The course is designed to teach reserve packing through rigger supervision of the required pack jobs. You will also learn how to repair containers and canopies, including sewing machine operation and the use of rigger-specific hand tools. The testing is completed at the end of the course.

More than 100 riglets have become FAA Senior Parachute Riggers at ChutingStar!

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