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Shirts shirts shirts shirts shir shirts! Every-body!

Written by Lara

If you haven’t noticed, we have some new apparel up in ye olde BSM shoppe:

We’re trying something new and not stocking these at BSM HQ; instead they’ll be printed on demand and fulfilled by Printful, a fabulous company that handles all the retail stuff we’re no good at. Hopefully it will be a seamless and fulfilling fulfillment experience for all, but please let us know if there are any hiccups or you just don’t like it.

PD New Beginning

This also gives us the ability to offer a ton of colors and options that just weren’t possible before. So if you want a different style, color, product, or anything, pop me a message at

And in case you have started shopping for the discerning skydiver in your life, holiday orders should be in by Nov. 30 to ship in time for Dec. 25!

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