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Peter Irish Sutton learns the meaning of “Kasse” in Norwegian

Written by Kolla

It’s high time for a funny video – being Friday and all! From the workshop of Irish the MC (aka Peter Irish Sutton), who recently attended some skills camps hosted by Norwegian jumpers. And believe you us, those Norwegians have SKILLS. Mad skills. This video addresses their free beer skills. If you have ever seen the price tag on beer in Norway, you’ll understand.

PD New Beginning

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks here at Skydive DeLand where Norway team Zion is hosting the Freefly Basics camp, and the Blue Pelican crew (also from Voss) is hosting their camp Basicen. Students are learning a ton in the air, and I am learning very important things after hours, on the ground. What I have learned, is that our beer tradition is WEAK. We have a first, we purchase a case, we put it out for all to share and that’s it. Drink, carry on.

I need you all to see how Scandinavia does it. They wait until after sundown (sometimes even in the middle of the night) and choose a remote location. They scream “CASE” and then chaos ensues until said case is found. No man or woman is spared. It’s like a Beer ‘Hunger Games’!
C’mon USA…let’s step it up!


Edit by Peter Irish Sutton, who wants to see skydivers in the US show a little more dedication to their cool beverage.

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