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Written by Kolla

Sounds like something straight out of the Ministry of Magic – and in a way, it is. But mostly, it’s a magazine anniversary, so there.

Today marks 8 years since Lara and I marched up to the state of Florida and declared Blue Skies Magazine open for business. They said “cool, pay fees, then some more fees, loads of taxes on the riches you’ll make in the future, and we’ll be good”.  We are still waiting to get bank-account rich, but in the past 8 years we’ve been rich with friends, contributors, subscribers, good times and a fun job – which I guess is our version of Living the Dream.

On on we go, but to celebrate, we are having a mad sale – the BEER one ever of its kind. Through the weekend**, we’ll have a mad sale* on subscriptions and back issues:

PD New Beginning

DIGITAL subscriptions: $8.00 per year (all regions – normally $11.95)
PRINT subscriptions: $8.00 per year (U.S. only – normally $24.95)
BACK ISSUES: $1.00 per issue (U.S. shipping only – normally $4.99 per issue)

So, stock up and get reading – sign up by end of Sunday to get the deal, and get the May issue in your mailbox.

*If you have just bought one at the regular price, don’t cry, just add another year on top to get the deal!
**Sale ends Sunday April 23rd, midnight EST. 

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