Project Black List – adventures in CRW and XRW: flyby and wingsuit fly-through

Written by Kolla

Project Black List took place in Lake Wales, Florida, early April 2017. A few days of spectacular CRW and the first ever wingsuit fly-through of a CRW formation.

From organizer Scott Lazarus, preparing the group:

Know your grips! We are going to be dropping a lot of grips and keeping a lot of grips. Make sure in the dirt-dives you are significantly aware of what grips you will keep and what grips you will drop. If you reverse that order, and drop a grip you should keep it is really going to screw some of these things up. This is all about you guys. I want you to come away from this thing thinking these are some of the greatest skydives you have ever done, and the greatest couple of skydiving days you have ever had.  


And great skydiving was had.  To quote Scott Lazarus again, “the point is, if nobody ever tries this stuff, we will never advance the sport!”.

PD New Beginning

Time to watch this teaser edit by videographer Denis Zhuravkov, with the full version expected in a couple of weeks.

Organizers: Scott Lazarus, Eric Gallan, Brian Pangburn, Fancois Huot, Chris Bohn, Kirk Van Zandt
Wingsuiters: Lane Paquin, Will Kitto, Curt Vogelsang
Videographers: Denis Zhuravkov, Chico Tomaselli, Bob Felt, Will Kitto, Iain Jensen.

Canopy Pilot: Iain Jensen
Canopy Formation Pilots: Sean Jones, Jason Smith, Brian Martin, Andrew Draminski, John Bechtel, Nicholas Huard, Kyle Taylor, Eric French, Yuliya Pangburn, Chip Husband, Greg Meadows, Don Bromley, Molly Sanders, Pasi Pirttikoski, Marcin Bak, Pat Marcanio



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