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Reader question: What’s your primal fear in jumping?

Written by Lara

Hang on, we’re going deep and dark this month. Let’s talk fear. The gut-churning, wild beast-roaring, head-spinning fear. It’s probably not rational or likely and it probably scares the ever living shit out of you.

So what is it? If you ground yourself for the day, what’s the most likely reason? Are you scared of dying and leaving your kids parentless? Do you fear a wheelchair for the rest of your life? Are there just too many trees around your DZ that you’re positive you’re going to end up in? How about a dust devil at 500 feet? AAD fire during a swoop? Snapping your neck shooting a tandem video? Off-heading BASE opening that splats you into a wall?

PD New Beginning

What’s your deepest, darkest fear?

Selected responses will be printed in the May 2017 issue (i89) of Blue Skies Mag. We edit lightly for clarity and/or style. You can also email responses to me, Respond with the exact name you’d like us to use in print please.

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