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Meet the Sky Family: Eva

Written by Lara

Kolla and I disagree on a lot of things but we are 100% united that this member of the Sky Family is THE BEST. Eva.

You only wish you could be as cool as Eva is. Future swooper (or not), future scientist (or not), future artist (or not), future badass (already is), this kid has grown up around nylon and could probably fly your canopy better than you can. She could also tell you the advantages of zero-p over F-111 in any specific situation, spell hangar correctly, and draw a mean dragon.

PD New Beginning

That’s our girl! Well, in the legal sense she’s Kolla and Scott’s girl but whatever. Pretty sure there exists – or you yourself are – an ass-kicking Eva in your life, too.

We’d love to know who your Sky Family is. Send us photos of your stickers out in the wild and we’ll feature them here!

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