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Find SkyMama!

Written by Lara

3/17 update: New day, new secret phrase.

SkyMama and her SkyDada – no, that sounds gross. SkyMama and her companion – ugh that’s worse. SkyMama and Mark are off to the St. Patrick’s Day Boogie in Fitzgerald, and they are not empty handed. Specifically, SkyMama has a goodie or two for the first people to find her at Fitz.

PD New Beginning

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Find SkyMama. Tell her the secret phrase as chosen from my favorite book, “Creative Cursing.” Win big.

Edit: It has come to our attention that certain parties have attempted to “find” SkyMama through digital means. Uh uh. This is real life, people. You must find SkyMama in person and be able to whisper the secret phrase in her ear. But don’t do that, it’s creepy. Just tell her like a normal person, you weirdo.

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