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Hug your mail carrier
Written by Lara

It’s a bittersweet time here at Blue Skies Mag headquarters. Our local mail carrier/superman has retired and while we’re excited he’ll have more time for coffee with us, we’ll miss him in his official work capacity so much. He has treated us so well, given us tips and tricks about optimizing your magazine delivery, and always has a good story or just a smile to share.

Our business (and your magazine happiness!) depends so heavily on the mail carriers of the world delivering our precious cargo to your mailbox every single month. So take a minute next time you see your mail carrier to say thanks. Or, if you don’t see them, drop a thank-you note in your mailbox to let them know you appreciate their work. Take it from us – a good relationship with your mail carrier goes a long way. Plus, we haven’t met one yet who isn’t a stand-up guy or gal and they usually have pretty good stories to share.

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We’ll miss you, Craig!

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