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Show us your best (worst?) old skydiving jumpsuits
A "Gear Through the Years" fashion show presented by PIA. (l to r) Lew Sanborn modeling the current era; Cindi Bagley representing the '90s; Mike Beck the '80s; Roberto Montanez the late '70s; Mary Thompson the early '70s, Dave DeWolf the '60s and Kim Knor the '50s. Photo courtesy National Skydiving Museum by Sean Capogreco.
Written by Lara

The Fuckin’ Pilot is writing about the evolution of skydiving jumpsuits for the April issue and we need some good visual aides. If you have photos of prime ’80s through ’00s jumpsuits, post them here or email

PD New Beginning

We need photographer and model permission to print, so be sure you have both of those. Now, let’s see those baggy legs and neon!

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