Paul ‘Jyro’ Martyn – a legend signs off.
Paul "Jyro" Martyn, founder of NZ Aerosports, has died peacefully, surrounded by friends and family.
Written by Kolla

If you have been around the sport of skydiving for more than 20 minutes, odds are you have heard the name Jyro tossed around. Jyro, the mad genius (and quite possibly the original SkyGod) from New Zealand, put Kiwis on the map for the skydiving world to notice. He did that through legendary partying and kickass canopy designs via NZ Aerosports.

The first time I met Jyro I was employed by Performance Designs, attending the World Meet in Gera, Germany. It was typical German summer weather, freezing cold and miserable. Not much jumping was happening, but for some reason I found myself walking along the landing area. Near where the NZ delegation had set up, I noticed a man sitting on a rickety lawn chair in the middle of a kiddie pool chock full of Heineken bottles. He looked up at me, flashed a bright smile and said, “Hey PD girl, come have a beer!” So I did. We’ve shared a few since then, and like anyone else, I came to love and respect Jyro, his zest for life and passion for human flight.

PD New Beginning

Jyro passed away Friday, March 3, surrounded by family and friends. He’ll be missed as one of the brightest lights that has burned in this industry of incredible people. Funeral service will be held in Auckland, New Zealand – keep an eye on the NZ Aerosports Facebook page where the details will be shared.

Jyro was no doubt what got NZ Aerosports on the map, but he built his empire by surrounding himself with people who shared his vision and brought their own unique talents to the table. We have no doubts that the his crew will keep the Icarus brand flying high and far for a long time to come. Rest easy, Jyro, we’ll see you on the other side. Keep the Sauv Blanc chilled until we get there.


  • What a legend. Good that he got out to PIA for one last time to see a bunch of smiling, friendly faces.

  • Remembering the 80’s, from all the past members of the Canterbury Skydivers in NZ all the best Jyro Jump Your Ring Out !

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