CRW World Record in the making – in the dark!

Photo by Denis Zhuravkov
Written by Kolla

This weekend the CRW dogs will be dong their stuff down in Lake Wales – in the dark!

PD New Beginning

Over 50 CRW dogs are assembling in Lake Wales this weekend, under solid guidance of top dog Mike Lewis, working with a host of other highly experienced organizers. The group will  attempt the largest night formation, as well as a night sequential.
Current record is a 6-way, although a 26-way has been completed. That one did not get proper vetting or verification, so it does not count as an official record. The unofficial goal is a 27-way, although they might go bigger. A Night Sequential Record has not yet been set, but after this weekend there should be one!

CRW in daylight has its own dangers – but doing these types of jumps at nights certainly adds a whole another layer of difficulty. Rigorous safety standards are in place and the records will only be attempted if those are met and conditions are good.  We have it on good authority that there will be pyrotechnics involved – we look forward to seeing photos of completed formations!
More information on the World Record Facebook Event page.

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