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Join me for foolishness

Written by Lara

You’ve read about the Icarus Trophy – the 2-week, 1,000-mile paramotor race – in the mag and I really hope you liked it because you’re about to get a whole lot more coverage. I’ve just signed up to join the stupidity and will be writing about my journey from skydiver to paramotorist (paramotorer? paramotist? paraidiot?) in ten short months.

Word is that the race is leaving our fair shores after this year, so if you’re an American or want to race in the U.S., this year might be your last chance. And I need some companionship (not that kind), so we’d like to offer something fun to anyone who joins me for Icarus Trophy 2017. And by fun I mean you’ll get to sleep in our tents and help pay for gas. Probably like a t-shirt or something too?

But seriously, join team Blue Skies Mag and you will get a half-immigrant ground crew (so you know shit will get done), swag, help, a teammate who doesn’t know what the fuck she’s doing, and lots of pictures of yourself in the mag.

PD New Beginning

If you need some inspiration, watch this:

Then email me at and let’s go fly.

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