Lookin’ to Build – video from Texas-Cali Shred Fest

Written by Kolla

Between the two states of Texas and California, you can find some decent flyers, who like to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of human flight a little. Enjoy this video from Lookin’ to Build – an invitational event that began in the fall of 2016.

Episode 1 takes place at Skydive Spaceland near Houston, Texas. Angles, smoke, streamers, puffy clouds and all around absolutely bad-ass flying.
Check out this video put together by Nicholas Lott and see for yourself!

Sky families are the best families. |

Flyers: Steve Boyd, Stephen Boyd, Ben Nelson, Nicholas Lott, Jesse “tex” Leos, Aaron Johnson, Sam Lendle, Tom Johnson, Steve Downey, Laura Wagner, Roberto Hernandez, Jay Veenendaal, Beto Lait, Royce Wilson, John Berry and Guru Khalsa.

Videographers: Daniel Angulo, Nicholas Lott, Ben Nelson and Guru Khalsa.

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