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Reader question: How do you choose what gear to buy?

Written by Lara

The quality of skydiving, BASE and paragliding gear is amazingly high these days, which ironically makes it harder to decide on brands. If just about every manufacturer makes quality, safe gear, how do you choose? So we want to know how you make your gear choices. Do you rely on your local rigger or gear store for recommendations? Do you ask your instructor? Do you read all the promotional material? Do you choose what your favorite pro uses? Do you have a complex spreadsheet and algorithms?

How do you choose what gear to buy?

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Selected responses will be printed in the February 2017 issue (i86) of Blue Skies Mag. We edit lightly for clarity and/or style. You can also email responses to me, Respond with the exact name you’d like us to use in print please.

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  • There are many advantages to leaning towards gear that is commonly jumped at your home DZ. There is a better chance that the local rigger or riggers will be familiar with the tricks of the trade associated with the gear and on a darker side any problems or manufacturers letters which may crop up. First production of a piece of equipment is also a factor to weigh. Problems that did not show up in testing have a nasty habit of appearing when gear is subjected to use by larger numbers of skydivers.Last of all, make sure the equipment complements your look, style and color scheme.

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