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Henry Guyver: 0 to A-license in 25 jumps, 8,000 miles and 30 hrs of travel

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By Nicholas Lott

How badly did you want your A-License? What were you willing to do to get it? Henry Guyver traveled all the way from Shenzhen, China, where he works as a project manager for a manufacturing company, to Skydive Spaceland in Houston, Texas. After more than 30 hours and 8,000 miles of travel, he got after it like few people do.

PD New Beginning

In just 4 days, Henry was able to complete his 25 skydives and check off every requirement for his USPA A-License. His friend Joey traveled from Colorado to finish Henry’s coach jumps and have some fun with his buddy. Henry has since returned to China and travels to Thailand regularly to continue his skydiving journey.

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