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Written by Kolla

Scotty Carbone died Monday, November 1 2016, of complications from dental surgery.

If you ever met Scotty, you wouldn’t soon forget. Larger than life, crass, loud, outspoken, hilariously funny and definitely a man who lived life on his own terms. Under that rough exterior was a big heart that fiercely loved the sport of skydiving and everything around it. Scotty played by his own rules, and did not always exactly heed BSRs when it came to minimum deployment altitudes – but somehow always got away with it. He played hard, partied like a boss and always had a story to tell. (For some not-entirely-but-maybe-totally true stories, check out this thread that is probably three times older than your entire skydiving career.)

PD New Beginning

Now having joined the BFR in the sky, that thing will never be the same. Scotty, you and your antics will be missed Earth-side. Please feel free to add your Scotty Carbone stories in the comments below, we’d love to hear them!


  • Met Scotty & his dog tripod at the WFFC early in the morning at the swoop pond. The story of how his poochie survived the gator attack…oh yeah. His chow would fill a man up too. He will be missed. RIP Freebird!

  • Wow – really sad over “The Man” leaving. Believe me he’s still in freefall. I have so many stories hanging with Scotty don’t know where to start. One things for sure I saw him win the “low pull contest” at the Old Hills – LOL – smiling all the way. A great 10 way speed Skydiver. Namaste’ Scotty You Da Man!

  • It was the late 80’s at Dave Boatman’s original Spaceland DZ. I wasn’t a very experienced jumper. Don’t think I was even close to a hundred jumps yet. Scotty was organizing a hoop dive. Wasn’t sure if I should even consider participating. Scotty comes blasting up to me from out of nowhere and insists I hold the other side of the hoop with him. Probably because we were similar in stature, he thought it would be a good balance on the hoop. He coached me a bit. Did what he said. Exit with the hoop was sweet. All 8 Hooper’s on the dive made it through. Definitely in the very top of my all time favorite jumps. Forever grateful for Scotty’s KAPOWYA insisting on giving me the opportunity. Something I’ll never forget. Fly forever Brother!

  • Whoa! Just snapped. This hits especially hard knowing Scotty passed on November 1st. The day of my first jump was November 1, 1980. Thanks again for all the good times my man.

  • I jumped with Scotty many many times (e.g., Florida, Arizona, and Illinois) and I always knew that I would have a good time if Scotty was involved. He partied hard and challenged the limit of life… When I reached my first 1000, Scotty organized my jump and later he and I shared many happy times where we pushed against the norm… That said, Scotty will always be remembered fondly, where his legacy will live on through each of us and within those with whom we share his knowledge, spirit, and stories.


  • I put out him at tuner falls
    I was a jump master
    Then ran in in to him near new Orleans
    He jump a reserve at a main
    He like to pull low
    I can tell more story’s

  • I met Scotty about 40 years ago at Z-hills. I was a late teenager at the time. Scotty was such a cool guy. I even got to see one of low pulls.
    I was with the Beaver Valley Skydivers then. I was just googling skydiving ,and found out about his death.
    Scotty gave me a lot of memories. He was a great guy.

    • I too liked Scotty who was larger than life. He was genuine and had the darkest sense of humor, which I related to. He organized my 1000th jump, shared his rigs with me, and pulled me into many amazing jumps. Always a fun person to party with and he shaped the skydiver that I became… Blue skies, Scotty.

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